Technology Evaluation

Technology evaluation is a set of principles, methods and techniques/tools for effectively assessing the potential value of a technology and its contribution to a company, a region or an industrial sector.
It is one of the most significant methodologies in innovation and technology transfer, utilised in screening new ideas, assessing innovative or not innovative products and technologies.
It is a powerful technique for an organization in examining new ideas, identifying and analyse causes or potential change, develop and plan possible solutions, and finally select and implement a proposed technology.

Lumar is an independent consulting and advisory firm focused on evaluating and selecting enterprise technology. We’re impartial advisers, which means that we help our clients cut through an overwhelming amount of information to narrow down the very best solution for their specific business needs.


The approach to the design and application of the unit has been heavily influenced by two interrelated arguments. The first is that a fundamental feature of the contemporary environment (i.e. the context) of almost every type of evaluation and assessment is its complexity. The second is that we subscribe fully to the view that ‘effective practical evaluation must be future action directed, have both scientific and stakeholder credibility, and take an holistic approach.’ (Chen, 2005, p. 234).