Interim Management

The strategic use of Interim Management Executives enables an organisation to sustain a lean, highly focussed, core management team, safe in the knowledge that highly experienced professionals can be brought in as and when market opportunities arise or for one-off business improvement projects.

The use of interim management executives delivers real results in a wide variety of business scenarios involving growth or change:
Transition or change management
Project management and programme implementation
New products/services and new markets

Many organisations managing change find that the best way to ensure success, and quickly implement decisions is to appoint an interim executive with the skills to manage critical situations with confidence and experience.

Our interim managers are appointed temporarily to senior executive positions within an enterprise, either in a functional role or to undertake a specific short-term project

The majority of our assignments relate to a change programme of some sort, where certain management skills may be required for a defined period, or where an extra pair of experienced management hands is required to lead such a process or part of it. We may additionally provide interim management for maternity or sabbatical cover.