Shaner Corp
The Shaner Family of Companies

Shaner Hotels
Shaner Hotels is one of the foremost owner-operator companies in the hospitality industry. The current portfolio is made up of 20+ properties in 15 states and total assets that exceed $260 million. New properties are constantly evaluated as the division continues a conservative yet opportunistic approach to growth.

Shaner Resources 
Shaner Resources L.P. hold all of the Shaner oil and gas assets. This is a rapidly growing company with investments in all of the Rex Energy Funds. This division of Shaner has a strategic, long-term focus on growth in the oil and gas business.

Rex Energy
Rex Energy is a private oil and natural gas company specializing in the acquisition, operation and development of proven reserves on behalf of its equity-based limited partnerships.

Shaner Investments
The Shaner family of companies is continually looking for new investment opportunities while leveraging the expertise gained from years of experience in energy and hospitality. Shaner Investments is the division that controls various funds supporting the development of hospitality properties and oil and gas assets.Shaner Solutions
The Shaner Solutions division, initially developed to provide support to the Shaner companies, has grown into a dynamic business that provides comprehensive accounting, payroll and tax services to nearly 100 clients throughout the U.S.

The Project 
We Project Managed the Upgrade of the financials (General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Billing) and HRMS (Base Benefits, Time & Attendance) applications. Once both applications were on the same PeopleTools version we implemented a common portal.
The key Project challenge was to ensure that three separate sets of specialists could manage projects to a common project plan.

Shaner Group